2015 Outdoor Performance Series

This summer we will host the third season of our Outdoor Performance Series, 2015. Performances range from belly-dancing, to singer-songwriters and novel readings. Come out with the family and enjoy some heartwarming entertainment, art, and food from the concession in our lovely shady space nestled amongst the trees . Hope to see you there!

2015 Outdoor Performance Series Schedule

June 28th

Kids Open Mic!

2-4PM at HIAC, all performers under 15years welcome!
kids poster

July 5th

Dr. Laura & the Harmonic Divergence

Dr Laura Final

July 10th
Bahira Bellydancers at the Opening for BIG DEAL
8pm at the hall!
Pic for Bellydancing Poster

July 17th
Tony Law and John McLachlan 

7-9pm at HIAC

August 9th
A Girl Walks Into the Woods -Reading by author Cornelia Hoogland

4-6pm At HIAC

August 14th
In the Pocket & the Songbirds

7-9pm at HIAC
Songbird Pocket Poster

August 21st
Ted Tanner

7-9pm at HIAC
ted tanner poster


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