2019 Art Crawl, Studio Guide, and Public Art Map

The Studio Guide is going digital!

This year we are developing an online interactive map of Hornby with all artist information available: location, pictures, artist info, artist website, studio hours and more available with one click. We anticipate an entirely new print Studio Guide that works with the 2019 Online Guide for 2020.

Check out the artists already participating in the Map down below!

Poster - Art Crawl 2019Poster - ArtCrawl

If you want to be on the “Art Crawl” Studio Tour this summer, you need to sign up before July 15th. We are planning a gathering at 6:30pm that Monday at the Gallery in the Woods where participants can help strategize the event, make personal marker/signs, and connect with artists who need space to show and vice-versa. The tour is slated for Sunday the 4th of August. If you are interested, just select the option here in our online form for the Studio Guide. You may not have a spot for the public to visit you, but we would still need to know if you want to be in the tour so that we can prepare space and make connections. We’re asking people interested in participating in the Studio Tour in particular to take out a $35 artist membership for 2019. These funds will help off-set the costs of putting on the tour and developing the guide. You can purchase memberships and make donations online here or in person at The Gallery In The Woods. If you have any difficulty with the online form, please come by the Gallery when we’re open, and we’ll be happy to guide you through it.





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