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Community Works Funding Announcement!!


Community Works Fund Grant Info, HIAC

We’re in the News!! ICET will match funding at $175,000


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For October 5th Info Session at Community Hall, 3–8pm, and October 10th motion to site Arts Centre on HIRRA Crown Land at HIRRA Meeting, 7:30pm, New Horizons:

Info-Sheet Mailout with Site Plan, Oct 3

HIAC Site Plan, HIRRA Crown Land

HIAC Site Plan Detail, HIRRA Crown Land


HIRRA Siting:

Motion for siting Arts Centre on HIRRA Crown Land on October 10th

Initial Response Letter following September 12 Vote


September 4th Town Hall:

HIAC Town Hall Slides

Qs & As from the Town Hall

Maps are below this paragraph:

Presently, flagging is up above The Hall and across from the Credit Union that suggests the size and location of potential footprints. It’s important to understand that the flagging and renderings are to offer an impression of a possibility. For the HIRRA vote on September 12th at New Horizons, HIAC is not putting forth a final design, but rather looking for approval of a site in principle. Further approvals of the design will take place at HIRRA meetings to come. These images give approximate understanding and will be shown at the HIRRA Vote:

Lower Square Building Hall

Lower Triangle Building Hall

Upper Square Building Credit Union



Appearing in September 2018’s First Edition:

Dear Community Members,

On September 4th at the Hall, from 7-9pm, we will be offering a presentation of our
work to build a new gallery on Hornby—to build Hornby’s Gallery.
We are at an important juncture and ask you to spread the word. There are two decades
of planning and fundraising behind us. We are in the very final review process of our
Crown Land Lease immediately next to The Community Hall, and we are in the final
phase of gathering the matching funds we need to begin construction. While we have
planned to place our project next to The Community Hall for some time, we have also
been doing our due diligence in this final year of review to investigate other sites for the
With the permission and support of HIRRA, we have been exploring placing the project
on HIRRA-owned property in even closer proximity to The Community Hall. Why?
Because we feel there are real advantages our community should consider carefully and
transparently before we finalize our plan and begin breaking ground. Either on Crown
Land or on HIIRRA land, we are choosing a cite quite near The Hall, and we all want to
see the best possible outcome.
We are organizing this Town Hall in anticipation of putting forth a motion at the
September 12th HIRRA general meeting for the HIRRA membership to grant
permission to HIAC to site a new Gallery next to The Community Hall on HIRRA owned
Please spread the word. Please bring your questions and concerns, your desires and
dreams. This will be a great opportunity to hear from our entire community about the
need for a Public Gallery on Hornby.


Louise McMurray (President) & Andrew Mark (Executive Director)
on behalf of The Hornby Island Arts Council

P.S. Should you come to The Hall between 4 and 6 on the same night, you can enjoy our
opening reception for our Large Works Group Show with refreshments provided.

Hornby Time Fundraiser in Vancouver:


Call to Artists for Auction Submissions for October Gallery Fundraiser in Vancouver


First Edition article for July/August 2018:

First Edition Test-01

First Edition Test-02

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