2019-HIAC-Exhibition-Proposal-Form, Word

2019-HIAC-Exhibition-Proposal-Form, PDF




Exhibition Proposal 2019

HIAC Gallery in the Woods

Extension to March 15th deadline, 2019 for full consideration.


Proposal criteria for showing at the Gallery in the Woods are as follows:

  1. If you had a show in 2018, your application will not be among the first to be considered for shows in 2019.2. Shows run for two weeks. Of these two weeks the Gallery is open 12 days and exhibitors are asked to be available to sit at least 6 days.
  2. You must be able to hang your own show with minimal assistance from HIAC staff. HIAC staff will make labels. Tools for hanging the show will be provided.
  3. A $35 artist membership must be submitted with your proposal. This fee is needed to help off-set the cost of promotion, publication, social media posts and other staff time related to your exhibition. Membership fees are good for one calendar year.5. You will need to submit a photograph (digital by email is ok to hornbyislandartscouncil@gmail.com ) and biographical material for the 2019 brochure with your proposal: Exhibition title, brief description, short bio, photograph or Jpeg by email.

Check List:

I have not had an exhibition in 2018 _____________

I can sit my show 50% of show time ______________

I am able to hang my show (or find volunteers to help me) ______________

I have included a $35 cheque with this proposal _________________

I have included biographical material with this proposal ________________


Name                                                  Date                            Signed
Please leave physical submissions at the Co-op Freepost or respond by email having paid for your membership online http://hornbyarts.tickit.ca


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