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Poets’ statements August 22 HIAC’s Poetry Under The Stars

From our last Outdoor Performance Event 2014…

Rachelle Chinnery
Poetry: a sounding of felt thought; sensation in the body captured in phrase and word; shape drawn in language; a vocalized sketch of viscera and mind. Poetry is rivulets heading to the ocean.

Bernice Friesen
Because I started off on my creative journey as a visual artist, I find the intellectual freefall and freedom of poetry to be very similar to painting.

Kim June Johnson
Whether it be the blue dress, black high heels or satin gloves that make song as Sandburg has said it is always the echo of poetry asking a shadow to dance.

Amanda Hale
Poetry gives a break from the daily round. A poem can prompt a different way of seeing and understanding, allowing us to bypass the conditioned mind and float in an ocean of instinctual intelligence.

Shae Oakley
To have great poets, there must be great audiences and really any single poem can be great as long as it satisfies an audience of one.

Cornelia Hoogland
Robert Hass says that in poetry, “each particular erases / the luminous clarity of a general idea.” Then reminds us that the opening lines of a poem serves as the threshold into an imagination and its capacity to understand and dramatize change.

Jay Ruzesky
For about 364 days of the year, most people don’t even think about poetry. But when they fall in love, or when someone dies, or when the World Trade Centre towers fall to the ground, nothing but poetry will do.

“Audience” For Carole Chambers

This poem was written by the audience at HIAC’s final outdoor performance series
Poetry Under The Stars. It was written serendipitously, imbued with the magic of that summer night.

In this Hornby place the poet’s words belong to
the fiery place between the ocean and sky.
In this green comfortable forest the wind cannot
speak its name
And when the trees here do speak they say
‘We are swimming in the air’.

If the poem is to stay with us after tonight
it must gather the stars around our shoulders
and then these words will belong to us
just as the young cedar will one day own this forest.

In this falling dusk an old Douglas fir makes
peace with the ancient whispers and
the sky is webbed to the tree tops as words ascend
with delicate sensitivity to the waiting clouds.

As she once read her words we waited for
the compass to point towards compassion.
Near me I can hear people breathing like
the soft sway of the tall spruce.

Who can answer this question that rests against the
sandstone slab, buoyant like the rising moon?
Because poetry cannot become
a rule or a formula for a life well-lived
because poetry is always on the way to the end of a line.

It is a gift and a warning that says take your life and run
like someone has left the barn door ajar
because a terrible beauty remains when the poem ends
as if in that vanished moment all things were possible
all worlds open.

Outdoor Performance Series at HIAC “An Evening of Poetry Under the Stars”

Friday, August 22nd 7-9pmstars_trees

Join us at HIAC for an ‘Evening of Poetry Under the Stars’… Featuring readings from Jay Ruzesky, Cornelia Hoogland, Rachelle Chinnery, Bernice Freisen, Amanda Hale, Kim June Johnson, & Shae Rankin. The evening will be moderated by Al Forrie.

Here are some snippets and bios from a few of the wonderful poets we will hear on the 22nd…

Poetry for me is a personal journey. I write to engage our five senses, folding them as images into a sixth sense, the heart – Shae Rankin
Amanda Hale has 4 published books to her name and is currently working on another novel, Mad Hatter, and a libretto, Pomegranate.
Jay Ruzesky makes films, teaches classes, and writes novels and creative non-fiction. Poetry is at the heart of all of it. He lives on Vancouver Island. “For about 364 days of the year, most people don’t even think about poetry. But when they fall in love, or when someone dies, or when the World Trade Centre towers fall to the ground, nothing but poetry will do.” –Jay Ruzesky
Cornelia Hoogland has published 6 books of poetry and 3 chapbooks.

Hope to see you at HIAC for this intimate evening of poetry from our stage nestled amongst the trees, art from the talented Janice Richards and treats from out concession!

Outdoor Performance Event with In the Pocket and The Songbirds!

THIS FRIDAY! Outdoor Performance Series at HIAC with In the Pocket and The Songbirds

Free family friendly performances in the woods outside HIAC art gallery

July 25th from 7-9pm
Songbirds revised_web
Join us at the HIAC art gallery for an evening of entertainment, art and tasty goodies from our concession! As well as getting to visit Melissa Moore’s art show, we will be treated to hearing both In the Pocket and The Songbirds serenading us from the stage nestled amongst the trees. In the Pocket is a folk trio with Jill Candlish on guitar, flute, and rhythm, Betty Nightingale on the mandolin and guitar and Cath Gray on the cello. This group shines with their lovely vocals and tasteful backing strings. And the Songbirds offer great three-part harmonies, lush guitar and lots of energy! They will be playing an eclectic mix of upbeat retro tunes that we all love to sing along with. The Songbirds are Jodi Laine, Betty Nightingale and Cath Gray, with Larry Lingle and Don Geppert on guitars. It’s going to be a great night and we hope to see you all there!

InThe Pocket_revised_web

First Outdoor Performance Event of the Season!

bellydanceB Free family friendly performances in the woods outside HIAC art gallery
July 11th 7-9pm
Performances from Bahira Bellydance Troupe, Nomad and Hornby Kids Creative Movement

Friday the 11th come with the family and relax in our intimate performance space amongst the trees and enjoy some heartwarming entertainment, art, and food from the concession.
The Bahira Bellydance Troupe will be performing, interspersed with the music of Nomad and will be joined throughout the evening by a group of Hornby kids’ dance performances. Bahira was formed in 2005 and have been shimmying together ever since. The dancers all come from diverse dance backgrounds bringing multi fusion belly dance to their performances. They will be joined throughout the evening by the Hornby Kids Creative Movement dancers Angel-Blue, Marin Chapman, Sophie Chapman, Ella McMechan and Emma Nixon who will be performing with Bahira and on their own. The music of the evening will be played by Nomad, a local instrumental world beat group who mainly perform their original compositions, sometimes they will play alone and other times will accompany Bahira and the kids’ dancing!
It will be an evening to remember so we hope to see you there in our sweet refuge amongst the trees!Nomad image

LAST Outdoor Performance of the Season!

Our last performance is this Friday the 23rd from 7-9pm with music and a book reading. We’ll hear music from The Snizzards and In the Pocket, and a book reading from Éva Arros.

The Snizzards is a family band consisting of Ashae, Taio, Dean Samuel and Andrea Rutz.  Their repertoire touches upon Celtic traditions, old timey tunes and a splash of classical strings.   They will be playing fiddle, cello, mandolin, banjo and percussion.  They are a musical family, coming together in fun… and they hope you will have fun too!

In the Pocket are Hornby Islanders Jill Candlish (guitar, flute, rhythm), Betty Nightingale (mandolin, guitar) and Cath Gray (cello). They opened for Ruth Moody at the 2012 Hornby Festival, and you may have seen Jill rocking the Amani marimba band, Betty singing with Sea Level, and Cath singing in Dr. Laura’s a cappella choir. “In the Pocket” shines with their lovely 3-part harmony vocals and tasteful backing strings. They play an eclectic mix of covers and original tunes, from traditional ballads to lively sing-alongs.

Whether Éva paints, writes, dances or makes samosas, she somehow manages to turn it into art. Hungarian-born, raised in Montreal, she made Hornby her home in 1987. Fuelled by the proverbial support of Hornby mentors and peers such as Billy Little and Eugene Lion, she blossomed in performance art and has appeared throughout Canada with her one-woman shows. Éva just finished her second novel and is working on a graphic novel about an alien parthenogenetic lizard.

Hope to see you here on Friday!Image

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