About Us


The mandate of the Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC) is to serve as an umbrella organization for the Hornby Island arts community. HIAC encourages membership of local artists and supporters of the arts, holds regular meetings, and disseminates information concerning arts events and funding opportunities.

HIAC’s main goals and artistic objectives as laid out in its constitution are as follows:

  • Increasing and broadening opportunities for citizens of Hornby Island to enjoy and participate in artistic and cultural activities.
  • Improving the standards of artistic expression in the community.
  • Increasing public knowledge and appreciation of the arts.
  • Establishing a New Arts Centre where diverse forms of creative expression can be produced, performed, exhibited, and celebrated.

HIAC is incorporated as a non-profit organization with charitable status.

Board of Directors: Louise McMurray: President; Ted Goodden: Vice President; Judith Fletcher Elkins: Treasurer; Indika Gnanaratna, John Struthers: Board

Staff: Andrew Mark: Executive Director; Sonja Goldsmith: Bookkeeper


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