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Dancers and Nomad - JULY 11'14 023


The mandate of the Hornby Island Arts Council (HIAC) is to serve as an umbrella organization for the Hornby Island arts community.  HIAC encourages membership of local artists and supporters of the arts, holds regular meetings and disseminates information concerning arts events and funding opportunities.
HIAC’s main goals and artistic objectives as laid out in the constitution are as follows:

  1. To foster and promote the involvement of Hornby Island artists in collaborative community projects.
  1. To promote awareness in the arts community of potential funding resources for individual or group projects.
  1. To sponsor community events and festivals that provide opportunities to showcase local artists and groups.
  1. To facilitate youth and senior involvement in community arts projects, and
  1. To broaden understanding and awareness of the importance of art in our lives.

A long-term goal is to obtain funding, with matching volunteer labour, to create an Arts Building on the island with Gallery and Studios for Exhibitions and Workshops, serving as a space for the proposed Hornby Island Arts Resource Centre, to benefit youth, seniors, teaching artists, island artists and visitors.

HIAC is incorporated as a non-profit organization with charitable status

Board of Directors:

Kim Lake, President

Ted Goodden, Vice President

Lynne Carmichael, Past President

Louise McMurray

Cheryl Milner

John Struthers


Andrew Mark, Administrator

Sonja Goldsmith, Bookkeeper







Hornby Island Arts Council

2115 Sollans Road

Hornby Island, BC

V0R 1Z0





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