Poets’ statements August 22 HIAC’s Poetry Under The Stars

From our last Outdoor Performance Event 2014…

Rachelle Chinnery
Poetry: a sounding of felt thought; sensation in the body captured in phrase and word; shape drawn in language; a vocalized sketch of viscera and mind. Poetry is rivulets heading to the ocean.

Bernice Friesen
Because I started off on my creative journey as a visual artist, I find the intellectual freefall and freedom of poetry to be very similar to painting.

Kim June Johnson
Whether it be the blue dress, black high heels or satin gloves that make song as Sandburg has said it is always the echo of poetry asking a shadow to dance.

Amanda Hale
Poetry gives a break from the daily round. A poem can prompt a different way of seeing and understanding, allowing us to bypass the conditioned mind and float in an ocean of instinctual intelligence.

Shae Oakley
To have great poets, there must be great audiences and really any single poem can be great as long as it satisfies an audience of one.

Cornelia Hoogland
Robert Hass says that in poetry, “each particular erases / the luminous clarity of a general idea.” Then reminds us that the opening lines of a poem serves as the threshold into an imagination and its capacity to understand and dramatize change.

Jay Ruzesky
For about 364 days of the year, most people don’t even think about poetry. But when they fall in love, or when someone dies, or when the World Trade Centre towers fall to the ground, nothing but poetry will do.


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