Outdoor Performance Series at HIAC “An Evening of Poetry Under the Stars”

Friday, August 22nd 7-9pmstars_trees

Join us at HIAC for an ‘Evening of Poetry Under the Stars’… Featuring readings from Jay Ruzesky, Cornelia Hoogland, Rachelle Chinnery, Bernice Freisen, Amanda Hale, Kim June Johnson, & Shae Rankin. The evening will be moderated by Al Forrie.

Here are some snippets and bios from a few of the wonderful poets we will hear on the 22nd…

Poetry for me is a personal journey. I write to engage our five senses, folding them as images into a sixth sense, the heart – Shae Rankin
Amanda Hale has 4 published books to her name and is currently working on another novel, Mad Hatter, and a libretto, Pomegranate.
Jay Ruzesky makes films, teaches classes, and writes novels and creative non-fiction. Poetry is at the heart of all of it. He lives on Vancouver Island. “For about 364 days of the year, most people don’t even think about poetry. But when they fall in love, or when someone dies, or when the World Trade Centre towers fall to the ground, nothing but poetry will do.” –Jay Ruzesky
Cornelia Hoogland has published 6 books of poetry and 3 chapbooks.

Hope to see you at HIAC for this intimate evening of poetry from our stage nestled amongst the trees, art from the talented Janice Richards and treats from out concession!


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