Tom Knott & Reina LeBaron ‘A Body of Work… 12 years of collaboration’

Thank you to everyone who came out to the beautiful show from Tom Knott and Reina Le Baron. This show was a very moving retrospective from their last 12 years of creating together. In every piece that was hung the profound collaboration and spontanaiety of their art was deeply apparent. The photographs featured Reina, breathtaking shots of Hornby’s forest and coast, the earth, galaxies, nebulae, images of the works of other artists and religious symbols. The deep intention of Tom and Reina’s show here at HIAC was to show the essential unity of the World and of the life of the Earth. Similarly intentioned was Reina’s poetry which we were delighted to have featured in their show. Thank you Tom and Reina for sharing your work with us and for everyone who came out to experience it. POSTER-3b1


2 thoughts on “Tom Knott & Reina LeBaron ‘A Body of Work… 12 years of collaboration’

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  1. Hello,I came just before the opening to your exhibition,you were hanging up your work,we were leaving the next day and I didn’t have a chance to see your creative work..I am wandering where I can view this recent collection.I live in West Vancouver,B.C.Thank you and always looking forward to that magical place called Hornby Island.

  2. Hello Darkenka —

    Yes, I remember you coming in — thank you for your interest. The show was only scheduled for the HIAC gallery this summer, with no plans for another exhibition. Next time you are on Hornby, I’ll be happy to meet with you in my studio and show you that work.

    Blessings, Tom

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