LAST Outdoor Performance of the Season!

Our last performance is this Friday the 23rd from 7-9pm with music and a book reading. We’ll hear music from The Snizzards and In the Pocket, and a book reading from Éva Arros.

The Snizzards is a family band consisting of Ashae, Taio, Dean Samuel and Andrea Rutz.  Their repertoire touches upon Celtic traditions, old timey tunes and a splash of classical strings.   They will be playing fiddle, cello, mandolin, banjo and percussion.  They are a musical family, coming together in fun… and they hope you will have fun too!

In the Pocket are Hornby Islanders Jill Candlish (guitar, flute, rhythm), Betty Nightingale (mandolin, guitar) and Cath Gray (cello). They opened for Ruth Moody at the 2012 Hornby Festival, and you may have seen Jill rocking the Amani marimba band, Betty singing with Sea Level, and Cath singing in Dr. Laura’s a cappella choir. “In the Pocket” shines with their lovely 3-part harmony vocals and tasteful backing strings. They play an eclectic mix of covers and original tunes, from traditional ballads to lively sing-alongs.

Whether Éva paints, writes, dances or makes samosas, she somehow manages to turn it into art. Hungarian-born, raised in Montreal, she made Hornby her home in 1987. Fuelled by the proverbial support of Hornby mentors and peers such as Billy Little and Eugene Lion, she blossomed in performance art and has appeared throughout Canada with her one-woman shows. Éva just finished her second novel and is working on a graphic novel about an alien parthenogenetic lizard.

Hope to see you here on Friday!Image


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