“Somewhat Psychedelic”

July 27 to August 8
Robin de Lavis

Opening Friday July 27, 7 to 9

This body of work is a continuation of a series begun in the 60’s when I was living in relative isolation far removed from what we call urban living. Sitting in my small cabin by lamplight I would begin to draw without having any conscious awareness of the outcome. Money was scarce, so my only materials were a 12 colour set of Reeves watercolours, a pen and nib, some India ink and blank sheets of paper. It was a contemplative existence that became the genesis of what would become my life philosophy, one rooted in co-existence with all manner of creation.

My paintings are an invitation to the viewer to look more closely at the hidden costs of experimentation and the assumptions we collectively make in our desire to control our environment and ultimately, ourselves


Travels in Dream Land – Recent Paintings and Children’s Book Illustrations

July 13 to 25
Rae Maté

Opening Friday, July 13, 7 to 9Image

For almost 25 years Painter and Children’s book illustrator Rae Maté has been well known on Hornby Island and Vancouver BC for her emotionally expressive paintings of people and flowers as well as playful “portraits” of cats, mice, birds and crocodile creatures. Rae uses acrylic paint and “lots of love” to translate her felt experiences and personal visions onto canvas, wood and paper. Along with new paintings this show will include a selection of the original illustrations from her 2011 book, Pussycat, Pussycat Where Have You Been?, praised by the NY Times and nominated for three major book awards in Canada, including the BC Book Prize and the Marylin Baillie Award. Signed archival prints of the Pussycat book illustrations and copies Rae’s three books will also be available for purchase.

“Close to the Heart”

Someone on Hornby recently asked me to think about what it would be like to live life with an unguarded heart. It seems a foreign concept in this world where the socially acceptable answer to ‘how are you’ is usually nothing more honest than ‘I’m fine thanks, and you?’ But if anything in our society is proof that our hearts are still capable of vulnerability and openness, it is art. When by showcasing their work artists bravely let the public view the inner workings of their emotional lives, we experience the creations of their unguarded hearts. This privilege was apparent in the beautiful group show entitled “Close to the Heart” that just finished at the Gallery, where local artists presented pieces that were especially close to their hearts.

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